The Modeling Agencies!!!

For years I have always heard the same speech and arguments about modeling agencies that I would like to shed some light on the subject.

Firstly it is important to understand if this agency is real or bogus.

  • A real agency has offices and it is certainly not located in a basement of a house or in a room of a dwelling;
  • A real agency has a website that has a professional look and does not use a Hotmail or gmail email address;
  • A real agency will publish pictures of its own models and not pictures found on the Web.

That said another misconception about agencies is to believe it is questionable as they charge you a fee to mount your portfolio. Yes, it is true that some agencies are dubious, but there are also small agencies that have a small niche but do not have the capacity to bear the expenses that a larger agency can have. The reality is that small agencies will charge you a fee to set up your portfolio, while the bigger ones that are more selective will deduct your fees on your first contracts.

Another argument I hear often is that the agency requires exclusivity. This is quite normal because this agency has invested its time and possibly its money to represent you. It would be as if a player from the Canadiens decided to play for the Ottawa Senators as well.

And to conclude, an agency is not an absolute guarantee that you will work full time as a model. An agency is that gateway to this world of modeling. The role of the agency is to present candidates who have the profile sought by the client. Afterwards, it is the customer who has the final decision to choose the one who will represent the image he is looking for.